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 Make sure you sign up with your Bnet tag

This tourney is hosted by Jaxxguild.com

Mark your calendar for August 10 (Sunday) at 6pm CDT (time/date are subject to change) for the next Jaxx Guild Community Tournament (North America)! 

We will be using a different chat for this tournament (this chat will only be used for tournament purposes): http://jaxxguild.com/pubchat


  • Any decks and all cards are available for use
  • This tournament will be a double elimination format.
  • Please have two decks (different classes) ready for the tournament
  • The players will face each other and the loser of that one game will have to switch to the back up deck and play again.  If the loser wins, then the opponent will have to switch decks.  Whoever gets beaten twice first loses that bracket.
  • We will be going by the honor system, but you are allowed to take screenshots if needed.
  • Bracket updates will be announced via the website chat.

The winner of the tournament will get any money in the donation pool (scroll down to tournament pool).  In addition, the champion will also be entered into our Champion's Wall of Glory and have a modified user tag. 

Day of Tournament

30 minutes before the start of the tournament, please sign in the webpage and go the the chat  and announce your attendance.  You must  announce your attendance before the start of the tournament.  People that are even a minute late will not be able to participate as this messes up the bracket severely.  Play it safe and get on a couple minutes early.  I will be there all tournament in case any issue arises.  The winners of the rounds will also contact me through the chat letting me know, so I can update the bracket.  Please add your opponent on hearthstone each round.  I will post a preliminary bracket before the tournament.

After the tournament, everyone is welcomed to hangout in the teamspeak and webchat to play some more casual games and chat with each other. 

Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments.(note: if you are EU, our guild has events such as casual games and coaching for everyone to participate in)


優勝: CerealKilla#1469
準優勝: CrankyPants#15749
3位: CitizenNappa#1999


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